In terms of the error a "field" is a special named value, that is used to deliver a value for a resource's field. Fields should be specified in the request body.


Messages with this error code will include the parameters field with names of the fields, one of which is required.


  • To process this request the API service needs a value to be specified for one of the fields
  • The API service was not able to find a value for any of these fields


  • Specify a value for any of the fields, names of which are included in the parameters field of the error message
  • Make sure, that you specify the value in the request body


    "status": 400,
    "errors": [
            "code": "ANY_FIELD_REQUIRED",
            "parameters": [ "user_id", "organization_id" ],
            "message": "This action requires any of the related fields to be specified",
            "more_info": ""