To ensure, that a damaged file content won't be accepted by the API service, the API client may provide its checksum with the Content-MD5 HTTP header of the request or of the multi-part form data request body or with the _md5 argument.


  • The provided checksum did not match the file content, that was received by the API service


  • Make sure, that the checksum is generated correctly (it should be MD5)
  • Make sure, that the checksum is delivered as a Base64-encoded string
  • Ensure, that checksums are in the correct order (they should match the order of files), if you are using the _md5 argument with multiple checksums


    "status": 400,
    "errors": [
            "code": "CHECKSUM_MISMATCH",
            "message": "File data has been corrupted or altered during transfer",
            "more_info": ""