From the API service's point of view HTTP methods GET, POST, PUT and DELETE, that are used with resource URIs, are actions. These basic actions can be also extended by addition names in resource URIs, e.g., /api/v1/<resources>/<id>/<action>.


  • The action, name of which was specified in the resource URI, does not exist (for the requested resource)
  • The requested action cannot be performed against the requested resource (and it's not a problem with permissions)


  • Make sure, that the last component of the resource URI, that represent the action name, is properly specified (if any)
  • Make sure, that the requested resource supports the action (it may be in a state, that does not allow the action to be performed)


    "status": 400,
    "errors": [
            "code": "RESOURCE_ACTION_NOT_AVAILABLE",
            "message": "Not supported method, misspelled action name or action is not available for the resource",
            "more_info": ""