From the API service's point of view each API URL represents a resource and an action for the resource.

The parent resource is the resource, that is specified in the API URI to the right of the current resource, e.g., /api/v1/<parent>/<id>/current.


  • The resource with such name (under such URI) does not seem to exist
  • The parent resource of the current resource is no longer available (e.g., was removed)
  • The API service could not find the resource, for which the action was requested (the resource could be removed, expired and so on)
  • A global action (a resource-less action) was used with an ID


  • Make sure, that all the names used in the resource URI are correct
  • Make sure, that the parent resource of the current one still exists
  • Make sure, that the resource with the specified ID exists
  • Remove the ID, if the resource URI is for global action


    "status": 400,
    "errors": [
            "code": "RESOURCE_NOT_AVAILABLE",
            "message": "Misspelled resource name or resource is not available",
            "more_info": ""