The format of the resource URI is /api/v1/<resources>/<id>, where <id> is treated as an argument to the requested resource's action.


  • The API service does not expect any argument to the requested resource's action but it seems to be specified


  • Remove the argument from the resource URI, if it's really redundant (check documentation of the resource to be sure)
  • Check if the request URI does not include redundant components
  • Make sure, that there is a ? character between the URI and the query arguments (or & between the URI and other query arguments, if you use /api/index.php?/v1)


    "status": 400,
    "errors": [
            "code": "URL_ARGUMENT_REDUNDANT",
            "message": "The resource action does not accept any arguments",
            "more_info": "https://developer.kayako.com/api/v1/reference/errors/URL_ARGUMENT_REDUNDANT"