The format of the resource URI is /api/v1/<app>/<resource> or /api/v1/<resources>, where <resource> or <resources> can be a global action.


  • The API service could not find the resource/action component of the resource URI
  • This error means, that the API service found an app component in the resource URI. As usually the app component is hidden (through URI mapping) this in turn probably means, that the resource component was mistakenly treated by the API service as an app name.


  • Check if the resource URI was properly specified
  • Pay special attention to the first custom component of the request URI, i.e., <app> in /api/v1/<app>


    "status": 400,
    "errors": [
            "code": "URL_RESOURCE_MISSING",
            "message": "Base URL is incomplete - resource or action required",
            "more_info": "https://developer.kayako.com/api/v1/reference/errors/URL_RESOURCE_MISSING"